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November 23, 2017
World Luxury Hotel Award
Treasury on Collins wins Best Luxury City Hotel at 2017 World Luxury Hotel Awards
December 5, 2017

Luxury Redefined


4 December 2017

What is luxury? In the 21st century the term has become subjective based on what each guest wants to take away from their hotel experience. For one guest, it could be a 5 star hotel chain staying in a club suite with a hatted restaurant onsite and for others, it has evolved into a personal experience that exists outside the four walls of a hotel room.

While we’re not a luxury hotel in the traditional sense, we do know that providing guests with an experience that is curated to their needs is what makes Treasury on Collins the hotel of choice for guests, especially our repeat guests.

What ‘Luxury’ means to a hotel guest today?

It means not having to pay for extra services
There is no doubt that we all want the best value even when paying for a service. Our competitive price includes complimentary breakfast, access to our Treasured Guest Lounge for drinks and snacks from 10am-7pm daily, complimentary wine at Afternoon Wine Down with free top ups, free 24-hour cancellation, free early check-in and late check-out until midday- all FREE when you book directly with us. Even if you don’t or can’t book directly with us, each guest will still have access to our Treasured Guest Lounge, a complimentary glass of wine, free business grade wifi and free Netflix in every room. We also supply complimentary luxurious Molton Brown toiletries in all bathrooms and in specific hotel categories, guests can enjoy a Nespresso coffee machine with complimentary pods. Now that’s great value!

It means not having to taxi to the nearest restaurant or tourist site
If being in the heart of Melbourne CBD with a prime address as Collins Street is considered a luxury then we are more than happy to be defined as having a luxury address. To be within walking distance to the sights, sounds and taste of Melbourne is a feature we do think will enhance your stay where you can immerse yourself in Melbourne’s culture and its people (and we’re lovely people too).

It means not having to pay for Wifi
We may be historical structurally with our heritage listed building but when it comes to connectivity, we are far more advanced than most 5 star hotels in Melbourne. Our business grade wifi is off the bandwith chart fast and efficient. What’s even better is that we don’t charge you a cent for wifi access, it’s free and is unlimited on unlimited devices.

It means not having to talk to Robots
Far beyond the perks, our staff have defined our brand, who are personable yet professional. With travellers wanting real-time solutions to problems, our team is proactively responsive to any guest’s needs. We have a multi-cultural team at ToC, which is representative of the world’s most liveable city, which means a lot of diversity and personality. We are authentic in our delivery, nothing is scripted.

It means not having to find the solution yourself
We attract business travellers who are looking for a boutique hotel that offers a home away from home. We know our repeat guests and their room preferences to a make every check-in process fast and efficient. We know our hotel inside out so when you call to make an enquiry or a booking and need a specific room type, we can recommend specific room types down to the room number.

Luxury, to us, is about our guests gaining a personal engaging experience with us and that’s what our vision at Treasury on Collins has always been and always will be.