Supanova Pop Culture Expo
March 10, 2016
The Color Run Night
March 19, 2016
Supanova Pop Culture Expo
March 10, 2016
The Color Run Night
March 19, 2016

Next Wave Festival

When: Thursday 5th May to Sunday 22nd May, 2016

So what is Next Wave? ‘Next Wave is the most comprehensive platform in Australia for a new generation of artists taking creative risks. Next Wave produces unparalleled learning programs and a biennial festival which reflect a commitment to social and cultural diversity, environmental sustainability and inclusion.’

Next Wave Festival 2016 artists include artists from all over Australia:
Eva Abbinga (VIC)
Celeste Juliet Aldahn (SA)
Brainlina (VIC)
Hannah Brontë (QLD)
Annaliese Constable (NSW)
Megan Clune (NSW)
The Delta Project (VIC)
Xanthe Dobbie and Tiyan Baker (VIC/NSW)
Alasdair Doyle and Liam James (TAS)
Léuli Eshraghi (VIC)
Emma Fishwick (WA)
Kelly Fliedner (VIC)
Benjamin Forster (NSW)
Angela Goh (NSW)
Janie Gibson (VIC)
Amrita Hepi and Jahra Rager (NSW/NZ)
Daniel Jenatsch (VIC)
Johnson + Thwaites (NSW)
Thomas E.S. Kelly (NSW)
Ben Landau (VIC)
Dan McCabe (WA)
Samantha McCulloch and Frances Wilkinson (VIC)
Rafaella McDonald (VIC)
Lorna Munro (NSW)
Rachel Perks and Bridget Balodis (VIC)
Pony Express (WA/USA)
Nat Randall (NSW)
Rani P Collaborations (VIC)
Claire Robertson (VIC)
Anna Louise Richardson and Justin Hinder (VIC/WA)
Dylan Sheridan (TAS)
Maurial Spearim (VIC)
Pip Stafford and Julia Drouhin (TAS)
Lilian Steiner (VIC)
Geoffrey Watson (VIC)
Katie West (WA)
Eleanor Zeichner (NSW)

Check the Next Wave Festival 2016 website for the program (released on 15 March).

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*Image courtesy Next Wave