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The 8th Wonder of the World in Melbourne


The Terracotta Warriors, one of the greatest archaeological finds of the 20th century and recognised as the 8th Wonder of the World is coming to Melbourne. As part of NGV’s Winter Masterpieces, eight of the 8,000 warriors and more than 150 artefacts from the Qin dynasty (221 – 207 BCE) will be on display.

5 Interesting facts about the Terracotta Warriors

#1 Emperor Qin was only 13 years old when he ordered the construction of the warriors.

#2 Although the statues are over 2,200 years old, they were only discovered accidentally by farmers in 1974 in Xian.

#3 There are 8,000 soldiers, 650 horses, 130 chariots and concubines (the Emperor made sure the afterlife was just as fun!).

#4 There could be more statues that have been unearthed.

#5 No two soldiers are alike, which details the craftsmanship that went into building this royal tomb.

For your chance to see this phenomenal discovery, visit NGV between 24 May – 13 October.