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The one strange and 5 most common items left behind at ToC


25 August 2017

Have you left an item behind after checking out of a hotel, whether by accident or by choice? Never fear because if you do leave something behind at Treasury on Collins our housekeeping team will make sure it’s collected and placed in lost property. From there, we will contact you and give you the option to pick it up or we will mail it to you (at your expense) or happily discard it as per your wishes. But what happens to unclaimed items? Our policy is to hold the items for three months and if it is unclaimed, items are donated to charity.

We asked housekeeping to share the top 5 items that guests have left behind and the strangest thing that has ever been left behind.

#1 A 10kg concrete Buddha relic (pictured) was left behind by a guest. We suspect they no longer required the luck from their buddha.

#2 Phone chargers- no surprises here!

#3 Our guests like to wear white. The most common items of clothing left behind are white shirts or T-shirts.

#4 Books and these are not thrown away, they are now part of our mini library on the Mezzanine floor.

#5 Travel neck pillows

#6 Electric toothbrushes and chargers