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Top 3 Street Art Laneways

Street Art

13 September

Melbourne is undoubtedly the country’s street art capital with tours and books devoted to public expression of individuality and creativity. While some are commissioned pieces, some are created by elusive artists like the private British Banksy who visited Melbourne in 2003 and left his trademark artwork in laneways. With the majority of them destroyed, there are two existing Banksy rats in ACDC Lane.

If you would like to explore in depth the street art of Melbourne, we suggest booking a walking tour or if you would like to discover them yourself, here are our top 3 lane ways where you can view and capture the street art. All within minutes from Treasury on Collins.


#1 Hosier Lane

#2 ACDC Lane

#Duckboard Place

To book a Melbourne Street Art tour, please ask reception for more details.