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Top 7 apps to use while in Melbourne


16 September 2019

Travelling has never been easier with information in the palm of your hand and at your finger tips. There is no more fiddling with city maps and travel books to guide you to the best bars, restaurants and must see tourist sites in the city. Now it’s as simple as downloading apps on your smartphone to help you navigate around any city including recommendations on what to see, do, eat and drink. Here’s our top Top 7 iphone apps to use in Melbourne.


#1 Rome to Rio 

Getting around Melbourne city and beyond Melbourne’s CBD could not be easier with the Rome 2 Rio app. Enter your current destination and where you want to go and the app will provide you with all available means of transportation to get you there including an estimated cost. Specifically for Melbourne, transport options include train, tram, bus, taxi, Uber and by foot. Select your preferred form of transportation and the app will provide detailed schedules, routes and departure times.



#2 Tram Tracker

Ask any Melburnian if they have the Tram Tracker app and the answer will likely be yes. If you plan to use the trams to get around Melbourne and its suburbs, Tram Tracker gives you an up to date timetable, any disruptions, if a tram has wheelchair access and most importantly, the next available tram in real time.


#3 Weatherzone

Melbourne weather is unpredictable and we are known to have four seasons in the one day or even hour! Weatherzone is our go to app to find out whether we need a jacket, an umbrella or both. This is one app we can’t live without.


#4 Culture Trip or Timeout 

Now that you know how to get around Melbourne and what to wear, let’s go exploring. Our front office staff are always happy to give you their recommendations on the best bars, restaurants, cafes, coffee but with so many options available in Melbourne city, an app like Culture Trip or Timeout will give you an abundance of options and even the more obscure recommendations that a local may not even know of.



#5 Bean Hunter 

Melbourne is the coffee capital of Australia and we take our coffee very seriously. The Bean Hunter app will help you find the closest coffee shop wherever you happen to be or enter a suburb and the app will list all available coffee in that part of town. Look out for coffee vendors that have a rating and reviews by customers (or coffee addicts).


#7 Zomato

Visitors come to Melbourne to eat. There is an endless number of restaurants, cafes, dessert cafes, bars and wine bars. Being a multicultural city also has its benefits as you can taste a variety of international cuisines, hatted restaurants and restaurants to suit any budgets. Read reviews, see customer photos of their meals, average score rating, current menus and the ability to reserve a table at some establishments.

7 apps to use in Melbourne

You may know more apps than these Top 7 iphone apps to use in Melbourne. The beauty of apps if you can download and delete as you go depending on what type of information you need.

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